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First Snow of the New Year

Jennings Beach Marina_January 2010


By the end of February, everyone is tired of the shoveling, and sick of the cold weather. But, the first few snow falls add some festive cheer to the winter air. Yesterday’s squall gave most of Connecticut somewhat of a  snow day. Schools were either cancelled, activities postponed and some offices, including mine were released early due to the slick driving conditions. The driving was very bad in the early afternoon. Those cars without some type of tread left were immobile.  

When the action slowed down in the early evening and into this morning, it was spectacular outside. the snow still sticking to the trees gave the feeling of being up in the Vermont Mountains.  

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Little Benny

I had a great morning today in New York. The photo shoot was in the making since July. I had the chance to get to know a great couple, Michael and Channing. Michael is a successful publisher and Channing,, a doctor who has offices in New York City. Channing had given birth to a wonderful baby boy, Benny on August 22nd. On November 20th in the morning,  I headed out to do portraits photography of Benny, and his parents. The home was an amazing contemporary on a large lake. I arrived, set up the lighting, and we spent a few hours together. They are a terrific family, I wish them the best, and  I am very happy with the outcome.



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Equipment: 1D Mark iii Canon

50mm f1.2 Canon

70-200 f2.8 Canon

(2) Promaster 300watt strobes

(2) 10ft backdrop w/ 10x20ft black drop

Bogen tripod

(2) Promaster 8g Cards

Pocket Wizards (remote strobes)

Fall Collection

Fall Reflections

Fall is here and it has a great fall as far as the weather, temperature, and fall foliage. I have enjoyed being out this year, and am happy with the response from everyone. My Fall Collection postcards have been a big hit this year, as well as my custom prints in barn wood frames.  

If you are interested, please let me know by sending an email to or calling 203 292-7269. TO purchase prints the automated system, click here for the gallery of images with secure payment. Landscapes & Nature :  

Morning Mist



Last Light


Fall Perspective




Connecticut Coast


Coastal Waters

Facebook Friends

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For me, Facebook has been a great way to catch up with old friends from high school, previous co-workers, extended family, and college buddies. For business, it has been a an extremely efficient way to network. Photography is my my profession, and as any business allocates a budget to advertising, it is sometimes difficult to decide where to spead the funds. Facebook ranks first as the best source for new clientele.  Face Book is a very natural way for me to promote my business, because photography is a major component of Facebook. It is a great platform for me to pass along promotions, new projects, and to display my work across my social media network. It is all very powerful and persuasive. I have found it all to be much more effective compared to traditional media.  

Rose's Berry Farm


It was great to get a note from my old college friend Kim who asked if I could photograph her dad’s 60th surprise birthday party. Of course! Kim and her family picked a perfect location off the beaton path. They chose Rose’s Berry Farm in South Glastonbury. I knew the location well from my time spent in Glastonbury. Rose’s is a farm tucked away in the hills. My wife and I would have bluberry brunch on Sundays overlooking the orchards. I arrived at 4:30p, a perfect time of day during  The light was soft and the reflections of the fall leaves off the water looked alive. Conditions could not be any better.  

It was great to see Kim again after all these years. I am glad I had the chance to cover the event, and was wonderful to see her dad so surprised. They all are great people, and it was a pleasure working with everyone.  

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David E. Johnston  

Kim and family

Leroy Justice @ FTC

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Hello all, I have been away from the blog for a bit, so it is good to be back for good reason. I had the opportunity to listen, watch, and photograph Leroy Justice last night.      

Leroy Justice - Photo by David E. Johnston



Leroy Justice is a solid band out of  NY. They were back in Connecticut last night at the Fairfield Theatre Company after putting on a great show at the Gathering of the Vibes festival early August at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT.      

  Leroy Justice brings an Americana style rocking blues  band with a blend of county and soul. Close your eyes, and you hear The Black Crows, Rolling Stones, and Allman Brothers in their genetics, but, LJ has a sound all their own. LJ has put together two studio recorded albums over the past few years. Loho Sessions, LJ’s most recent album is super tight. LJ mixes it up with great lyrics with dynamic sound.  Lead singer and guitarist, Jason Gallagher has a great vocal range with nice tones and solid harmonies.  Bassist, Bradley Wegner often sings harmonies with Jason. The band can strip down to an unplugged setup and don’t lose their POP, like many bands do. Too many rock musicians hide behind the reverb and distortion, and other effects pedals. LJ has a clean sound, great chemistry, and Jason has great stage presence. He is a great front man for the band. I enjoyed seeing them out again, and hope we can continue to do some work together.        

Watch them as they play “Out to Sea” on the Brooklyn Bridge.       


Here is the band:      

Jason Gallagher-Vocals/Guitar
Sloan Marshall-Keys
Bradley Wegner-Bass
Brendan Cavanaugh-Guitar
Josh Karis-Drums        

Visit Leroy Justice online at or JUST buy a few songs on itunes        

FTC is a great venue, unbelievable acoustics that you just do not expect when you walk in there. But it is superb, and so many great bands have come through the FTC.  If you have not gotten out to see a show there,  please  do.        

Your comments are welcome!

The Vibes – Christopher Robin Band

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Guitar Solo


A crowd of over twenty thousand travels from across the country to take part in one of the largest musical gatherings in the Northeast. The crowd (Vibe Tribe) is made up of every possible demographic. Teenagers to the Boomers, and everything in between attend the event with one common thread, to enjoy music and friends for a handful of days. The festival has become a tradition to so many, and in general, it is a great crowd. There have been a few issues with fighting, drugs, and Bridgeport Hospital reported seven overdoses. Every now and then,  I would get a whiff of weed in the air.  Thousands  have made Seaside Park their home over the next four to five days. Tents neatly line the northern section of the park. What is surprising is the event has been very clean. The festival offers four days of non-stop music with two setups; Solar stage and Green Vibes stages. Solar stage is  the main stage for the national acts, and Green Vibes for the local and more regional performers. The music is all good, It was not just Dead head music, but a variety of rock, blues, country blues, and more.            

The Christopher Robin Band was one of the acts performing at the Vibes on Thursday. CRB is local to Fairfield, CT, and a personal favorite of mine.            



 CRB plays at venues like The Fairfield Theatre Company, Ridgefield Playhouse, Westport   

Christopher Robin Band


Theatre, as well as some other venues in New York City and Westchester County. Front man, and guitarist, Christopher Robin is a real talent with original music, fantastic guitar, and vocals. He is the real deal. The band has a lot of talent as well rounding out the lead vocals and guitar. Truth is CRB’s most recent CD. The songs tell a story about Robin’s life on the road as a musician. The stories are  about Chris’s life experiences over the  past decade. The song, “All Mans Dreams” is actually about a turning point in Robin’s life when Gregg Allman found him, and then went on tour with Allman for three years. The song is about fate, and how Almann knocked on Robin’s hotel room door one night. The experience changed Chris’s life forever. Robin. is a journeyman who paid his dues as a blues apprentice. He has matured into a true talent. When you listen to Robin’s music you can really hear where he has been. For more information, and to listen to the Truth CD, visit            

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Feeling the Vibe


Solar Stage – Gathering of the Vibes

For those that have not been out to The Gathering of the Vibes festival, it truly is a good time for all. The four-day festival brought some great music, fun crowds, and spectacular weather. While I do not consider myself a deadhead, music has always been part of my life, and now, our daughter is finding an early love for music at two. It was music that saved her when she was gravely ill at the hospital this past winter. Music is great for the soul. , and For so many in the crowd at Green Vibes, music is at the forefront of their lives as they travel from show to show across the country as a Tribe.

After Gerry Garcia died, the “Tribe” (Grateful Dead Followers) lost their GOD.  Life for the Tribe suddenly was at a standstill. Suddenly, there was a gap, then,  man named Ken Hays,  set up the first memorial party in Purchase NY in 1996. This was the start of the Vibes. From this point forward, the festival grew  in scale. Each year, thousands live out of tents and RV’s for the four day festival.  Big names have come out to the Festival including The Black Crows, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Bob Weir, and so many great acts.  Seaside Park has been the venue since 1999. It is a perfect fit. The layout has been well thought out logistically. Crowd flow, capacity planning, trash logistics, all dead on. Tens of thousands attend each year, and the festival provides a great bump in the local economy. I will tell you one thing, Hippies really care about keeping the place clean. They may not care about bathing, or washing their cloths, but environmental cleanliness is huge. It is great to see.

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Following this blog will be a series of Band write ups, and other stuff. To see more images of Gathering of the Vibes or to purchase photos click here

Fairfield Photography

Here is a slide show of many images of the local beaches, lighthouses, and scenic areas. Prints, Enlargements, Post Cards, and Note Cards available.

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Cancelled Concert

I cannot tell you how aggravating it is to have an event cancels due to rain, and then, the rain never comes. It seem like this week has been the week of unpredictability with weather. Starting last Saturday, major Thunderstorms were supposed to rock the state. Events, games, and family events postponed due to weather, and while the skies threatened, there was little to no rain in most towns. The concert on the green in Fairfield slated for Tuesday evening, cancelled. The rain never came as predicted.

While we did get some heavy rain at times, all and all, the bad weather came during the off hours. All week, things were cancelled due to the weather reports. It is amazing how the grocery stores fill up like a major blizzard as the weather reports show foul weather ahead.  We have become too conditioned to the  reports on the TV, Radio, and internet. I truly believe that “we” forget to actually forget to stick our heads out of the window and look to see what is happening outside.

I drove up to Madison on Wednesday evening for a 7p photo shoot. I was on the phone with the client, and she asked if they could cancel because it was raining. I had just spent 35 minutes driving North up 95 with the sun starting to poke its head out.  I was in Madison, and there was no rain.  They most likely had the weather channel on, watching the animated rain drops fall in the weather report, instead of looking for themselves. When I mentioned I was  in Madison, and there is no rain”; the client said, “The Weather Channel says it is raining, so we are cancelling.

What happened to judgment calls, and going with your gut. Now everything is pushed to next week. The vicious cycle continues.

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Tanasia - Audubon Shoot